Black Woman Rant.


Some years ago, on a walking tour, Jane took a shot of me huffing and puffing up a hill.  She calls it “Black Woman Bitching up a hill”.  And that’s pretty much sums up my attitude these days.  These past two weeks have been a true blur.  It wasn’t until we sat down last evening and began to review all of the recent happenings that I realized just how much we’ve done!  In the past 8 days we’ve listed our home in the MLS, tried to keep it Martha Stewart worthy, vacated it for walk thrus (try finding someplace to go in the heat when you have a dog!),  received and countered on an offer for our house, had said offer accepted,  began hunting for a new house, FOUND a new house, and made two offers on THAT domicile!  We just got word that we (tentatively) have our new home under contract…  Whew…no wonder we’re exhausted! And let’s not even TALK about all of the upcoming inspections!

Be Well Asheville is starting to toddle on its legs too. After meeting with an attorney, I completed and sent off the paperwork to establish my LLC.  I’m enjoying my one on one work with a few clients and beginning to put together ideas for cooking at the local tailgate market.  Before I know it Fall will be here and I’ll begin teaching group classes!  In addition, we have a Womansong concert this weekend with rehearsals that have increased in number and length, and we’ll begin preparations soon for travel to a large choral festival in July.

I actually MADE myself go to the studio yesterday and just string some beads.  I’ve been avoiding that space like the plague – thinking that if I don’t spend time there I may miss its presence less when we move.  Crazy, huh?  Denying myself the pleasure of something I love simply because I know I’m going to have to leave it.  So…I made an extremely ugly necklace and then sat on the floor, hugged Callie, and cried.  Then I struggled to my feet, tore the necklace apart and went on.  Kinda like what I’ll do today when I leave here at Noon and get home around 4:00 (only to leave again at 4:30 and finally get home around 10:00).

All of this activity makes me think about how hard I find it to take care of myself in the middle of a whirlwind. Like most women I put my own physical needs last.  I haven’t made the time to work out, swim or do much walking at all.    We’ve been eating catch as catch can.   Jane made a wonderful meal last evening and we both remarked on how much TIME it takes to prepare and eat healthy, good food.  I don’t remember how I used to do this AND work a regular job.  Yes, I know you do what you have to do; and I’m choosing all of this – but DAMN, when will life slow down?!

5 thoughts on “Black Woman Rant.

  1. Congratulations on the house sale (and purchase)–We understand about those kinds of pressures. Soon you’ll enjoy your new place and wonder how you ever managed to make it through this time! Love your postings! I doubt that any necklace you make could ever be really ugly but as you say, you can always undo it and start anew. Which is what you seem to be doing with your lives these days. Life is an adventure-sometimes more adventurous than we care for it to be. Where is the new house? When do you move? Keep on keepin’ on. Hi to Jane. Love, Marilyn


  2. Oh Janet. I am so glad I met you. I love your honesty, and I thank you for sharing all of your life goings-on with us. Congratualations on selling one house and (almost) buying another.

    Regarding the time it takes to cook, I remember reading the book “No Impact Man” and he said it’s amazing what you have time for when you let go of the things you waste hours on (and I’m sure we can all think of a few of those). He specifically let go of his television as I recall.

    And it all goes back to just what you said: our priorities and what we place first in our lives. An ongoing exercise indeed.


  3. For you, it will slow down when the last breath escapes from your body. Your energy is created by your demand on yourself. You’re special and very effective.


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